Farmigea: a 75-year history

On 24 April 1946 the industrialist Giuseppe Rossini and the accountants Gino Mannocci and Aldo Cerri founded "Farmigea - Laboratories for Hygienic and Related Pharmaceutical Products" which will be located in the historic center of Pisa in via Carmignani 2. The three partners unable to finance the activities of the factory in February 1949 sold the company to Antonio Federighi, a Pisan agricultural entrepreneur, who wanted to diversify his activities in favor of his three children Leopoldo, Laura Alberta and Alberto.


In the early years, Leopoldo will lead the company, thanks also to his know-how and his network of contacts with the academic world, which he developed during his university studies. With him at the helm, Farmigea also equipped itself with a chemical-biological laboratory and the production lines were strengthened.

The focus in ophthalmology

The need to focus on a specific sector alongside which the production of generic drugs pushed Leopoldo towards ophthalmology since the first half of the 1950s. A few years later, during the 1960s, to avoid a crisis due to an excess of generic drug production, Leopoldo made the decision again, following the advice of the ophthalmology professor Calamandrei, he decided to specialize the company in the production of ophthalmic products, equipping it of pioneering equipment and facilities. It will prove to be the winning choice that from that moment on will distinguish Farmigea in Italy and in the world as a reference company in the ophthalmic sector.

A history of patents and innovations

Innovation has always been a founding value of Farmigea and its history is full of innovative moments. In 1983 Farmigea finalized a revolutionary patent for the ophthalmology sector: Resealable Single Doses for Preservative-Free Eye Drops. An innovative technology patented by Farmigea and destined to be the first of its kind, still being the reference technology for single-dose eye drops. And so Farmigea also patented them in the main foreign countries: Benelux, England, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.
In 1996 it was the turn of a new innovation that introduced a world-class technology for the ophthalmic sector: the first disposable wipes for periocular cleansing.
In 1997 the TSP, an innovative artificial tear based on Tamarindo was patented and in 1999 the first ophthalmic supplement under the Farmigea brand was launched.

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