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Research and Innovation

Our research team constantly working on new solutions for the patient. Aware that the evolution of technologies and the onset of new pathologies will change the world of ophthalmic therapy and Farmigea wants to be the protagonist of the research with the aim of improving the quality of patients life.

We do this since 1946 and will continue to do so in the future.

Farmigea stands as a reference point in ophthalmology, focusing on the study of new formulations and on delivery for their administration, capable of improving and promoting eye health.

For best results, the research team Farmigea relies on the support of an international network of universities and public and private institutions. It is also directly involved in the identification and selection of raw materials, thus ensuring the quality and biocompatibility.

"Research and innovation to maintain leadership in a constantly evolving market"

The Farmigea head of research Marco Sansò presents the research activity 2018-2023 and the future strategy.


Innovation, efficacy, safety and attention to natural products and biocompatibility are the principles that guide Farmigea Research. In fact, the drugs, medical devices and supplements developed in the Farmigea laboratories are designed to be innovative in formulations, effective against the pathologies for which they are indicated, safe for patients who use them and as natural as possible so as to be more tolerable and biocompatible.

Innovazione, efficacia, sicurezza e attenzione ai prodotti naturali e biocompatibilità, sono le parole che guidano la Ricerca Farmigea. Infatti, i Farmaci, Medical Devices e integratori sviluppati nei laboratori di Farmigea sono studiati per essere Innovativi nelle formulazioni, efficaci contro le patologie per cui sono indicati, sicuri per i pazienti che ne fanno uso e per quanto più possibile naturali così da risultare maggiormente tollerabili e biocompatibili.

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Research in Farmigea DNA

Per Farmigea la Ricerca da sempre è considerata un elemento imprescindibile del proprio business ed è considerata strategica per la crescita futura. Investiamo anno dopo anno risorse per portare avanti progetti e per trovare sempre nuove risposte nel campo dell’oftalmologia con lo scopo di migliorare la qualità della vita dei pazienti

For Farmigea, research has always been considered an essential element of its business and is considered strategic for future growth. We invest resources year after year to carry out projects and to always find new answers in the field of ophthalmology with the aim of improving the quality of patients life.