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Company Quality Policy

In the realm of Quality, the strategy of Farmigea as a manufacturer of medical devices and holder of pharmaceutical products, as well as a contract manufacturer, has the following objectives:

Customer and Market

Transform customer needs into solutions and help them anticipate market demands. Ensure maximum satisfaction of both current and potential customers by identifying their needs, expectations, and requirements in order to design the best solutions while meeting the individual regulations of different countries. Seize market opportunities to increase market share and expand presence in the international market. Provide customers with a complete range of products and services that meet their expectations, ensuring that all risks and opportunities are identified and addressed. Offer expertise ranging from research and development to production, registration, and marketing, either through their own product range or as a manufacturer. Periodically analyze the operational context.

Technology, Production, and Innovation

Develop and enhance Research and Development activities. Use indicators for corporate governance and to identify areas for improvement within the company. Comply with current regulations and laws for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices (cGMP, Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments, Regulation 745/17) as well as for the marketing of ophthalmic supplements and cosmetics. Maintain and continuously improve the quality of manufactured products, specializing in the production of sterile products, committing to be more sustainable and nurturing the land where our roots are.

Human Resources

Continue to invest in personnel training not only to ensure their qualification for the tasks they perform but also to enhance their professionalism. Engage in continuous self-training. Contribute to creating a work environment that stimulates individual initiatives, highlighting skills and decision-making abilities. Focus on resources with a simple, concrete, and dynamic approach. Promote the sharing and exchange of information within the company, exchanging feedback and maintaining transparent and continuous communication to work as a team and optimize efforts. Be strongly goal-oriented, both individually and as a group and company.

Continuous Improvement

Initiate, guide, and sustain changes constantly and continuously. Make the improvements achieved permanent and promote them throughout the company. Seek and obtain the involvement and active participation of all personnel. Embrace new challenges enthusiastically, propose ideas and concrete solutions to improve existing processes or create new ones. Increase our performance without sacrificing quality, improving efficiency to become more competitive in both established and new markets. Ensure the integration of quality management system requirements into the organization’s business processes with the coordination and support of Senior Management and all functional managers.

For this policy to be translated into concrete actions, it must be disseminated and understood, periodically reviewed based on contextual changes, implemented, and supported at all company levels through specific objectives defined annually by Management.

Politica Qualità