Following an Ethical Audit, commissioned by a partner company for which Farmigea produces, Intertek has certified that Farmigea meets all the requirements necessary for the Workplace Condition Assessment (WCA) Achievement Award; rewarding the efforts made in the Human Resources management.

In fact, during the Audit, Intertek assessed the Work General Quality through various indicators such as:

Work Quality, taking into consideration parameters such as the type of contracts and freedom of association; wages and hours, verifying the working hours, salaries and benefits of employees; Health and Safety at work, checking machine safety, emergency management, occupational accidents prevention and possible risks to health related to work; the Management Systems, checking for example the management of documentation, the participation of workers and the processes of corrective actions; the company’s Environmental Impact, assessing the environmental management, emissions and waste systems.

This important achievement certifies, once again, how much Farmigea cares about the well-being of its employees and the quality and safety of the working environment as well as of its products.



Intertek is a company that for over 130 years has been involved in certifying the quality and safety of products, systems and processes of other companies, being a Total Quality Assurance provider for industries around the world, with a systemic approach to support the efforts Quality Assurance of its customers in each of their areas of activity.

Premio gestione personale e sicurezza lavoro WCA di Intertek a Farmigea