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The Historical Archive Farmigea at Museimpresa Residential Seminar

The Historical Archive Farmigea participated in the Museimpresa Residential Seminar titled “Archive Papers, Development Maps” held in Pissticci, Matera, on September 29 and 30, 2023.

Over 80 representatives from Italian corporate museums and archives associated with Museimpresa gathered in Matera for the 2023 Residential Seminar. During the event, Federigo Federighi, representing the Historical Archive Farmigea, had the opportunity to share ideas and projects related to corporate culture, the enhancement of historical archives, and the development of Italian industrial tourism.

In particular, the representative of the Historical Archive Farmigea participated in the “Archives – Communication Tools” working group, during which approaches and best practices for communicating archival heritage were shared.

The Seminar also featured the presentation of the main results of the survey conducted by Nomisma for Museimpresa, aiming to investigate the diffusion, knowledge, perception, and potential of industrial tourism in Italy.

The two days of the Seminar not only provided spaces to discuss key topics in industrial tourism but also offered a unique opportunity to visit industrial museums in southern Italy, including the Museum Essenza Lucano, the Museum of Pane Forte, and the Museum of Confetto Mucci Giovanni.

The National Seminar was a valuable exchange moment, where representatives of corporate museums and archives could learn from each other, draw inspiration from new ideas and strategies, and strengthen collaboration in the field of corporate culture in Italy. This event once again demonstrated the importance of preserving and promoting corporate historical heritage for the cultural and touristic heritage of the country.

Partecipanti al seminario di Museimpresa che scrivono frasi su di una parete rossa
Partecipanti al Seminario Museimpresa 2023 in visita al museo Amaro Lucano
Foto di gruppo dei partecipanti al Seminario 2023 di Musiempresa
Partecipanti al Seminario Museimpresa 2023 in visita allo stabilimento Oropan con Vito Forti
Partecipanti al Seminario Museimpresa 2023 durante un tavolo di lavoro
Uno degli interventi al Seminario Museimpresa 2023

Photo: Museimpresa

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Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Corporate Archives and Museums, brings together more than 130 museums and archives of large, medium, and small Italian businesses. Founded in Milan in 2001 on the initiative of Assolombarda and Confindustria, it is a unique network at the European level.

Museimpresa is committed to engaging new entities in corporate culture, influencing educational processes, preserving the memory of Italian industry, and enhancing the testimonies of an extraordinary manufacturing capacity that serves as a driver for sustainable development and a cornerstone of a widespread economic, social, and civil culture.

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