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The first price lists and medicine index.
In 1950 our Manifesto

The first price list in our archive dates back to 1950. Named "Medicamenta", it was dedicated to the ophthalmic section of the Company portfolio. It was not banal, with meticulous graphics and colour printed. But what makes it so peculiar is found on the first page: the company manifesto.

"With this program, we set out on the way: May the teachings of lecturer be our guide, the discoveries of the Researchers our incitement, the experience of the Doctor our screening, the effectiveness of our Drugs the only reason for being of them, the Sick, a brother who suffers, to work for him an absolute duty, his healing the end to achieve".

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The price lists of the following years do not lose that attention, shown from the beginning to graphics, layout, and a precise style of communication.

Another milestone in corporate communication was in 1956 when the Farmigea published the first Medicine index of ophthalmological specialities. Seven years after the presentation in Taormina, at the 36th Congress of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology, the first ophthalmic products of Farmigea, the company presents its medicine index with products launched in those years. A graphics that is necessarily more essential for a tool of prompt use for doctors, however, without sacrificing the institutional colours of the time: orange and green.

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