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Farmigea protagonist of the project "In the time of a story"

On 29 July 2021, the Farmigea and Farmigea Historical Archives were the protagonists of the project "In the time of a story" promoted by Museimpresa.

The well-known photographer Simone Bramante, aka Brahmino, during his tour of the Italian corporate archives and museums, also made a stop in our company where he took a series of photographs and filmed some of the historical collections, creating a " story "intended for social media.

The story will be conveyed on the Instagram profiles of Museimpresa, WhatItalyIs, a photographic project by Brahmino, and Farmigea, while the photo post will be available, also for sharing on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

This initiative is part of the company's 75th-anniversary celebrations program.

Foto: Simone Bramante

The project "in the time of a story":

“Nel tempo di una storia” (in the time of a story) is an unpublished tale, discovering the industrial and cultural heritage preserved in the museums and archives of Italian companies.

Through the story of the creative director and exceptional photographer Simone Bramante, aka Brahmino, on the Instagram profile of his blog "What Italy Is", which promotes the beauty of Italy to discover destinations off the routes of mass tourism, will be museums and business archives celebrated intending to make them a new cult destination.

Through objects, documents, images, photographs, videos and testimonies, told thanks to Instagram stories, a unique heritage will be revealed, an expression of culture, creativity and made in Italy, which offers a story of the values ​​and the productive and entrepreneurial history of our country .

A tour throughout Italy that will touch the museums and business archives associated with Museimpresa and that will give life to a real guide to the beauties of our country, designed to involve followers in a participatory culture project in favor of an experience that surpasses the concept of physical destination.






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