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To contribute to the fight against climate change, Farmigea is carrying out specific projects aimed at reducing its overall carbon footprint. In fact, Farmigea, always heedful to environmental issues, is implementing an internal revolution that will lead it to be at the forefront also on the ecological level.

Our Approach

"Innovation has always been part of Farmigea and in light of what is happening to the Planet, our company can only contribute by innovating also in the field of environmental sustainability. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a company that is as eco-sustainable as possible. to achieve this goal, the commitment of all the people who work in Farmigea is not enough, but we also need the help of our suppliers and partners. It is a great challenge. But we know we can produce our products leaving a better world than that that we found "

Mario Federighi

Eliminating the plastic waste produced by the people who visit daily and work there has been one of the fundamental actions undertaken by the Company to be increasingly sustainable. For this reason, between 2018 and 2019, Farmigea adopted a plastic-free company policy, intervening on the canteen service and on the supply of drinking water in the Company.



The Project

The canteen, which supplies around 26,000 meals a year, was the site of the company that produced most of the plastic waste. Thus, to achieve the plastic-free goal, Farmigea and Toscana Food S.r.l., a company with thirty years of experience specializing in the managed catering sector, decided to completely eliminate the use of plastic dishes and replace them with eco-sustainable dishes.

-2 t of CO2e

In 2019 alone, we saved 517,400 grams of plastic, corresponding to 2 tons of CO2 equivalent.1

-2 t of CO2e

In 2019 alone, we saved 517,400 grams of plastic, corresponding to 2 tons of CO2 equivalent.1

Virtuous materials

The plates, glasses and cutlery used in the company canteen are completely biodegradable and compostable. Since they are made of sugar cane fibers, corn starch and cellulose pulp. In this way, not only can pollution be reduced, but it also helps to close the positive cycle of waste recycling. During 2020 this material will be further replaced with a made in Italy bipolastic, evolution from cellulose.

In addition, since attention to environmental issues does not stop at reducing waste only. The food offered is completely organic and from zero kilometer supply chain and surpluses are recovered. The cleaning products are certified with low environmental impact and are not harmful to the person.

Bere sostenibile

Sustainable drinking

Not only the company canteen but also the other parts of the company have switched to the plastic free model. In fact, thanks to the adoption of IoBevo ® technology, the plastic bottles have been eliminated and replaced with water bottles which can be filled using special columns. Furthermore, as in the canteen, compostable glasses have replaced the old plastic glasses, thus eliminating almost all the disposable plastic consumed in offices.

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Our Partner in Sustainability
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General Beverage S.r.l.

1Dato stimato sulla base del consumo giornaliero medio di plastica avvenuto nella mensa aziendale nel periodo 2017-2018.

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