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Farmigea and Ronzoni Institute together for new polymers based ophthalmics formulations.

The result of this ten-year collaboration has led to the development of a scientific approach with the aim of obtaining new ophthalmic formulations that have peculiar characteristics compatible with market demands.

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For several years Farmigea has focused its research on ophthalmic products, a natural base, efficacious in the treatment of dry eye disease. In this context, the study of biocompatible polymers, able to assist the ocular tissues that suffer from it, has allowed the creation of ophthalmic patents. From which successful products have been made, useful in the treatment of dry eyes.

To support the development phase of new biopolymers, Farmigea works in collaboration with the Ronzoni Institute. Focusing on the characterization of biopolymers and the development of new formulations containing polysaccharide components. Such as hyaluronic acid, tamarind seed extract and, in some cases, even natural substances with activities such as anti-inflammatory.

The scientific approach for these studies involve, at first, the identification of biopolymers and possibly of natural molecules compatible with the polysaccharide matrix.
After that, molecular structures are determined by spectroscopic techniques, such as NMR in solution or solid-state,
Moreover, using several analytical approaches, some physicochemical properties are evaluated. Those characteristics, like intrinsic viscosity or molecular weight distribution, are significant to understand the peculiarities of the final products.

Once the molecule information for the potential product is acquired, different formations with varying concentrations, buffers, pH and other excipients are prepared to understand how these parameters affect the properties of the solutions.

To study the formations and verify the interactions between the polysaccharide matrix, excipients and other molecules, the Ronzoni Institute and Farmigea have developed over the years various analytical approaches.

Using Size Exclusion Chromatography, It is possible to determine the molecular weight distribution of polymers, evaluating their stability after dissolution in terms of molecular weight and viscosity as a function of the addition of other organic molecules. Furthermore, the diffusion of small organic molecules in solution and their interactions with polysaccharides are determined by NMR spectroscopy. Finally, with the Dynamic Light Scattering technique, the size of the plates in solution and their variation as a function of concentration and ionic strength are evaluated.

The result of this ten-year collaboration has led to the development of a scientific approach to obtain new ophthalmic trainings that have peculiar characteristics compatible with market demands.

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The Ronzoni Institute

The Institute was founded in 1927, by the philanthropist Luigi Ronzoni, who dedicated it to the memory of his mother. First established as an institute for post-graduate training in Industrial Chemistry, in 1941 it acquired its present structure as Istituto Scientifico di Chimica e Biochimica G. Ronzoni (G. Ronzoni Institute for Chemical and Biochemical Research). The Institute has been recognized by decree of the President of the Italian Republic (October 16, 1952), as a private Non-profit Foundation, connected with the Italian Ministry of Research.

According to the Foundation statute, Institute's primary focus is to conduct and promote pure and applied research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and biology, that could be directly and indirectly of benefit to humankind. The Institute's activities are entirely on a non-profit basis. The Institute promotes the professional formation in the above disciplines, also through the organization of scientific and technical meetings. Since the time of its foundation, the Institute promotes collaboration with national and international, public and private research organizations.

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Scientific Activities

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Courtesy of Cesare Cosentino

The research activities of the Institute are focused on scientific areas and topics with direct or indirect social implications.  Ronzoni Institute has been building on its experience in synthesis and mechanism of action of biologically active substances. Most of the research is carried out in the laboratories of the Institute. The Institute exploits a structure of three research groups (Carbohydrate Sciences, NMR Center, Organic Synthesis) with staff researchers (at present 11 senior researchers), young post-graduate research fellows - PhD students (10 - 20), and hosting visiting professors and scientists.
To extend the scope of its research, the Institute encourages collaborative work and the exchange of research workers with Italian and foreign laboratories and universities. Research reports are generally published in international specialized journals of chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry. Moreover, inside the Institute there is a certified test facility for GLP.

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