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The Farmigea brand is a Historical Trademark of National Interest

We are pleased to announce Farmigea's registration in the Special Register of Italian Historic Brands of National Interest, achieved thanks to the longevity of our brand that, despite being registered in 1969, has been operating on the market since 1946.

The Ministry of Economic Development, to protect the industrial property of historic Italian companies, in the challenge towards the enhancement of Made in Italy, has created the "Historical Trademark of National Interest" reserved for those companies that have made the history of national entrepreneurship.

By registering with the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest, the mark is assigned to companies that have registered their trademark for at least 50 years to certify a unique intangible heritage.

The presence in the Special Register constitutes an official recognition of the historicity and tradition of Farmigea that, for many years now, has been one of the most specialized Italian companies in the ophthalmic sector due to the experience acquired over time.
Furthermore, Farmigea is one of the first pharmaceutical companies to be included in the Register, and we're proud of it.

This milestone represents the latest of the initiatives supported for the 75th anniversary of Farmigea as well as the continuation of the process of enhancing the historical heritage started in 2018 with the creation of the company Historical Archive.

Our logo:

Our current logo began appearing on our products in the late 1960s and was registered officially in 1969. Since then, it has remained virtually identical and, this is a source of pride for us. It is no coincidence that we have defined it as an extraordinary modern vision precisely because of its ability to appear always contemporary and in step with the times.

Our logo, an extraordinary modern vision

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