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Farmigea awarded with the SAP® Quality Awards Gold Winner 2020 Italy in the Fast Delivery category

On Tuesday 27 October, on the occasion of SAP Now Milan, Farmigea was awarded SAP® Quality Awards Gold Winner 2020 Italy in the Fast Delivery category for the speed and capacity with which it managed to implement the SAP S/4 HANA HT 4-Pharma ERP system.

Starting at the end of April 2019, the project involves the implementation of a new Farmigea Information System developed on a new application architecture based on the SAP ERP platform, one of the most advanced and technologically advanced available on the market today.

The Project led to the replacement of the old management system, no longer adequate to business needs, with the fully integrated SAP S4-HANA Information System, capable of best supporting the development of a flexible company organization consistent with Farmigea's business strategies.
SAP S / 4 HANA HT 4-Pharma is a pre-configured vertical solution that operates in Cloud 'Single Tenant' mode (SaaS on Cloud IBM) and is the only one certified by SAP for the Pharmaceutical sector.

Highly challenging especially in terms of implementation times, the project involved the effort, commitment and effort of most of the company structures with the support of H.T. High Technology, company that offers vertical solutions and services for the digitization and simplification of processes, with software and cloud analysis on SAP.

With the go-live of the project in January 2020, Farmigea in less than a year was able to equip itself with an ERP system capable of ferrying it towards the future with better stability and safety.

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