Arrives in Spain

The list of Farmigea brand products in Spain is now enriched with a new and important reference: Blefarette wipes.

Farmigea has decided to launch Blefarette ophthalmic wipes in the Spanish territory. Farmigea, which is present in Spain with its Eye-drops since several years, intends to strengthen its brand presence in the country by launching its ophthalmic wipes with the aim of replicating Italian success. The launch, preceeded by a training session for the local sales force, will lead to the effective marketing of Blefarette wipes, parabens, silicone and alcohol free, in the month of April.



This launch further consolidates the company’s international brand presence with its products of recognized Quality and Safety.

Salviette Blefarette detersione occhi


Launched for the first time in Italy in 1996, the disposable Blefarette wipes were the first of their kind! Born from the best innovation of Farmigea, the Blefarette wipes have in fact opened the way to eye area cleansing.

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