Research & Development


The Development Department carries out specific projects ranging from the development of new products, on the initiative of our company or external customers, to the review of products already on our product list, through the selection of the best raw materials and the development of safe and efficient production processes, based on the latest technological and medical-scientific advances.

1  Project Proposals

The project proposals of our customers or Farmigea itself are evaluated on the basis of a technical and regulatory feasibility study.

2  Laboratory Phase

During the laboratory phase, our staff selects the components, performs the filtration tests, develops the preparation processes, selects the packaging and makes the preliminary stability tests on the new products.

3   Industrialization

Once the laboratory phase is over, test batches are made on our production lines, after which the production processes are validated.

4   Marketing Phase

After obtaining the AIC for Medicines and the CE Marking for Medical Devices, the product is ready to be marketed.

Our Laboratory

Farmigea has a technologically advanced development laboratory, equipped with all the necessary tools for technological-pharmaceutical development and analytical control of the galenic forms that the company is able to produce.

Despite being one of the first Italian companies in the Ophthalmic field, where it is a leader in the treatment of highly diffused diseases and with a high impact on the patient’s quality of life, such as Dry Eye and Glaucoma, the Farmigea laboratory is able to develop different pharmaceutical forms, with application in the pulmonary, gastric and dermatological fields.

Another important task of the laboratory is to perform the Scale-Up of the products: in fact it is the responsibility of the Research and Development Laboratory to set up and manage high-performance production methods with the aim of combining excellence in science with industrial productivity.