Farmigea at first sight

“After World War II there was a great desire to grow and develop, human and scientific skills were not lacking; Farmigea is the result of the post-war economic miracle.
Even today our family with the same skills and the same desire manages the company to make it more and more important and bigger. ”

Federigo Federighi, President of Farmigea..

occhio farmigea


Farmigea is an Italian pharmaceutical group based in Pisa since 1946, which is also dealing in international market, focused on research, production and distribution of products for the ophthalmology.

For 70 years Federighi family runs the company, confirming, in a global scenario of constant changes of pharmaceutical industry, a solid corporate Brand, proud of its own background and with a clear vision for the future: to guarantee its own patients’ health.

We were the first ones to patent in the 70’s a single-dose preservative-free eye drops and to create in Italy the first model for industry-university collaboration, focused on know-how exchange and on the synergetic development of ideas and projects, building a bridge on two often irreconcilable shores.

Responsibility and high quality products are clear features of Farmigea Trademark, recognized by over 7000 ophthalmologists in Italy, by gaining the reputation of one of the most important Italian ophthalmic companies.

Achieving these high standards of quality is guaranteed by the daily commitment of our team of workmen, employees, researchers and managers, focused on the primary objective of improving patients’ health:

Because only when we live to the best of our physical and mental health, we can free our hidden potential, facing the impossible and achieving our objectives.


Our values

All Group companies are synergistically engaged in the search for innovative solutions for all of our stakeholders: patients, doctors, suppliers, local communities, banks and public entities.
Although working independently, all Farmigea’s men and women respond to only one Vision and Mission:

VISION:VISION: Innovating in health care, to improve the future.
MISSION:: Since 1946 we work with energy and tenacity for people’s welfare, by engaging in research, production and distribution of health products.