Farmigea enters international markets since the beginning of its history. The Group's goal is to expand its commercial presence outside of the domestic market and to seize the opportunities offered by the globalization of markets.

At the beginning the group landed on the shores of the Mediterranean countries, in particular Morocco, Libya and Tunisia, given the geographical proximity to Italy and the existence of lower entry barriers for EU products. After having consolidated its presence throughout the Maghreb area, the Group has extended its growing sales network, first in Canada and Australia, then Russia, Ukraine and Hong Kong thanks to third-party activities, licensing of its products or registration of Farmigea trademark, having in 2010 a sales network in over 40 countries all over the world.

In 2015 Distribution Agreements are stipulated with different partners in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Switzerland. Always in the same year, after a series of careful market analysis and strategic assessments, Farmigea exploits the profitable know-how acquired over the years and, with the aim of ensuring a more incisive leadership in the European market, decides the set-up of 2 joint ventures: one in the UK, where it has been created a special product list with Farmigea brand, and the other one in Spain.

In 2016 the company is committed to finding a distributor in France, Germany and Portugal and to register the trademark of some of its generic drugs in various European countries, thus implementing diversification of price lists by geographic macro-area. To date the development of a partnership strategy and trade integration in foreign markets has significantly increased the Group’s exports, reaching now 30% of total sales.

All these activities are small and gradual steps to achieve the goal, by 2020, to be present directly in every country of the European continent and thus becoming a reference model for the world ophthalmic companies and institutions in Europe.


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