Farmigea, Italian Pharmaceutical company since 1946

Farmigea, an Italian company that since 1946 works with energy and tenacity for people’s health, engaging in research, production and distribution of health products

`` After the Second World War there was a great desire to grow and develop; human and scientific skills were not lacking; Farmigea is a result of that post-war economic miracle. Even today our family with competence and the same desire continues the company to make it more and more important ``

Always oriented to research and production of products for ophthalmology, Farmigea has always had the headquarters and production plant in Pisa, creating products, result of the best Made in Italy, marketed in over 40 countries.

For 70 years, led by the Federighi family, which has always been inclined to research and innovation, the Company has repeatedly brought to the market pioneering solutions in the field of ophthalmology, such as single-dose eye drops without preservatives and sterile disposable wipes  for periocular cleansing.

`` We were the first to patent single-dose eye drops without preservatives in the 1970s and to create the first model of industry-university collaboration in Italy, focusing on the exchange of know-how and the synergistic development of ideas and projects, raising a bridge between two banks that were almost irreconcilable ``

The  Farmigea Brand is today a guarantee of high quality and safety products, making the company gain its reputation as one of the most important ophthalmic companies in Italy; thanks to the passion and constant commitment of our employees, researchers and managers.

Farmigea, proud of its history, has a clear vision of its future: to continue to innovate in health, to improve the future.

Federigo Federighi
Mario Federighi CEO di Farmigea
Mario Federighi
Chief Executive Officer

A Complete Partner in Ophthalmology 

With more than 70 years industrial experience in the ophthalmic field and thanks to its complete range of products, manufacturing plant and commercial activities, Farmigea is a leading player in Europe. Licensing-out of eye therapy products and contract manufacturing make Farmigea your best partner in ophthalmology so to be considered from our partners as:


One Stop Shop in Ophtalmology

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